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By : Brendan Mitchell, 12-28-2015

A pet can often be as loved and cherished as a member of the family. However, unlike a human member of the family, it is not always possible to take them with you when you leave the house or go on vacation. And while most working parents have the option of parental leave to care for their children, there are few employers that would allow you to stop working to look after your pet.

Pet sitters are a great way for you to provide the care your pet needs, without disrupting your lifestyle. Like a baby sitter can care for your children when you aren’t able to, a pet sitter will do the same for your dog, cat or other animal. This could just involve feeding, walking, or playing with them, but if you’re away on vacation, you may also want to find a sitter that can stay in your home so your pet, and your property, will be secure 24/7.

April Martinez, a pet sitter living in New York City, says that she started pet sitting to help out clients she met through her job in a veterinary hospital in Brooklyn.

“NYC has a huge pet culture and also people here love to go on vacation,” April said, when asked about why she became a pet sitter.

April charges $25 a visit, or $35 for an overnight stay. However, if the pet requires medication or special care, she says her rate will typically increase. These rates are also only standard for New York, a city famous for its higher prices. In Texas, some sitters charge as little as $10 a day to visit your pet.  

“It’s a super easy job. Going in to a nice apartment and feeding someone’s cat takes five minutes,” April said. She also said it was great spending time with pets that she didn’t have to commit to full time.

“It’s like owning a pet without having to pay for them or having the responsibility of keeping them for fifteen years.”

 However, April said the job also has its downsides. Some pets she has cared for have been aggressive, and it’s never easy trying to medicate a pet.

“Benefits to the pet owner are definitely that you have more control over how your pet is cared for while you’re away. You know where the pet is at all times - they are comfortable in their own home,” April said on why owners should consider hiring a sitter rather than leaving their pet at a boarding or kennel service.

“It is also a plus for them because if you’re house sitting you can collect their mail.”

If you would like to hire a pet sitter, consider submitting a request to EZBZ today. Local pet sitters in your area will receive your request and reply to you directly with their information, availability and rates.

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