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By : Victoria Reynolds, 07-29-2015

Remember to Keep Your Pets Cool and Hydrated Especially Throughout the Hot Weather.

Just like us humans, our pets experience and get affected by the hot weather. It is, therefore, important to remember to keep your dog, cat, or any other pet cool and well hydrated throughout. Every time you take a glass of water, you should check to see whether your pets’ bowl has water. Every time you look for a shade to cool off, remember to take your pet with you.

Here are 7 Tips to Help You Take Good Care of Your Pets During the Hot Weather

  1. Trim Your Long-Haired Pets But Not Entirely.

Shaving your pets helps in cooling them down, but still, the pets’ coat is essential in protecting them from sunburn and also overheating. If the hair is long, trim it, but do not shave it entirely. Instead, brush your pets more often to remove the loose fur and prevent overheating.

  1. Beat the Sun

This is easy. If you are used to taking your pets for a walk during the day, you can reschedule and start taking them out in early mornings before the sunrise or late in the evening after the sunset.

  1. Walk or Sit Under Some Shade.

At times, you are forced to go out even if the sun is too hot. However, remember to keep your pet out of direct sunlight. You might be wearing some shoes, but your pet will have none. You might also be in some sunglasses and some sun blocking creams while your pets will just be bare. Find some shade for them.

  1. Leave Your Pets at Home

It’s true you love your pets, and they love you back. It is also true that you enjoy each other’s company, but at times, the weather might not allow it. Driving or walking with your dog while it’s panting all through is not healthy at all.

  1. Keep them Hydrated

As I said before, keep checking that bowl. Make sure it has enough, fresh, cool, and clean water throughout. Your pets can’t speak, so don’t forget to check the water bowl.

  1. Know Your Pets Breeds and Their Conditions

If your pets are old, overweight or have some heart or lung conditions, they might not be able to pant effectively which may make them vulnerable to hot weather conditions. Also, if your pet has a flat-shaped face such as in the case of Pugs, Persian cats and Pekingese among others, you should keep them more hydrated as they too can’t pant effectively. This makes them more susceptible to heat stroke.

  1. Get deeper details about your pets’ body behavior under different conditions.

This is important and can save your pets live. Basically, there are two major reasons why your pets will get overheated; the pets' upper respiratory systems and hyperthermia. Hyperthermia will occur when your pets are trapped in any environment that overpowers their ability to cool themselves, for example inside a car. The second reason, upper respiratory systems, occurs to pets with a compromised upper airway. An example here is a bulldog or any acquired condition such as paralysis of the larynx. This may make the process of removing heat from the pets’ body through panting impossible, and they may end up generating more heat instead.

These seven tips will help you in keeping your pets cool and hydrated in the hot weather conditions. Enjoy!

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