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By : Karen Lasser, 09-03-2015
Many writers have stated that change is the only thing that is constant in life. Change can come about in different forms. Sometimes certain aspects in an individual's life may change for the better while some my change for the worse. Whenever significant changes take place in a family set up, conflict is bound to occur, Such conflict arises from the fact that people react differently to new occurrences. Some people will take the new circumstances positively, while some take time to accept the changes.

People's reactions can be unpredictable in high conflict situations. The divorce of a couple that has been married for a number of years is one such change that would elicit varied emotions among family members. Other similar situations include the linking up of families as a result of marriage, diagnosis of a family member with terminal illness, death or the division of the estate of a loved one. 

People of the same group rarely react the same to high conflict family problems. Every member brings their own experience and perspective and has a legitimate right to react differently. However, in order to resolve the situation amicably, or at least relatively so, everyone needs to have the opportunity to express their feelings and concerns. This is when a mediator can be of greatest assistance. When there is a clash of opinions and reactions, a mediator can act as a neutral party to balance the concerns of all involved, in a calm and non-emotional manner.

The task of a mediator is to assist family members to express their emotions through words in a manner that doesn't destroy relationships. A mediator brings a voice of reason to a situation filled with different emotions. The expert assists parties on different sides to communicate effectively with each other without having to fight. A mediator tries to pass across a message from one side to the other in a peaceful and friendly tone. In essence, a mediator opens up communication channels between conflicting parties while attempting to help them solve the problem at hand.

Obtaining the services of a mediator is a great step towards preserving treasured relationships during high conflict times in life. Additionally, such an expert would provide a buffer between parties that cannot meet to talk. A mediator is actually a neutral party in a family undergoing a rough patch. Having a neutral party around brings a lot of hope into desperate situations. 

Whenever your family is in a situation that bears the potential of tearing you apart, consider hiring a mediator to offer some assistance. A mediator will assist your family in formulating viable solutions to all your problems. Your high conflict situation may be so easily transformed into a very minor issue by an expert mediator. Do not shy away from engaging these professionals in your conflict resolution efforts. You will be amazed at how big a burden can be lifted from your shoulders when you engage such a professional every time you experience high conflict.

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