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By : Kristen Glehan, 05-04-2015

There is no better time than spring to organize the closets! As bulky items take a back seat to lighter weight clothes and shoes, it's a great time to examine what's needed versus not. In this blog post, we'll discuss the best ways to weed out the wardrobe as a first step to getting those closets organized!

Before organization can even begin, it's necessary to take inventory of what we have and how much space we are (REALLY) working with. Just as is the case with money, it's always wise to live within our means!.Having more stuff than storage is a one-way ticket to clutter, mess and stress. Did you know that mess causes anxiety and stress? It's true, so before it gets to that point, or if it already has, let's remedy any problem together. EZBZ is all about helping to make life better!

Are your closets and drawers bursting, with nary a space to fit anything else? Then, it's time to weed out the wardrobe. Start with one type of apparel at a time and take stock of what you have and determine whether it fits, is ever worn, is owned in duplicate or excess, or has passed its prime. Some scenarios to look out for and overcome:

"I've got different sizes in my wardrobe because one day I'll be that thin again"

If you've been holding those smaller sizes in the back because you're planning on dieting, ask yourself if you're really (REALLY) going to get into that size. Is it a reasonable goal that you're committed to? If not, get those clothes out of your closet.

"I haven't worn it in years, but I may"

If you haven't worn something in years, what the heck is it doing in your closet? It's taking up valuable space! Get rid of it. If you're still too attached and convinced you're going to wear it, give yourself a hard deadline to use it or lose it.

"I know it's worn and ugly, but it's comfy and I love it"

Yes, we all have a few of these and they can be hard to part with. But, if they really are passed their prime, consider whether it's time to move on. Think about how you'd feel in them, if they were the only item you had to wear. For example, if the house was on fire and you had to flee with only that on, would it work for you at all? If the answer is "no", get rid of it!

"Sure it doesn't match anything but I'll buy something in the future so it will"

It was an unwise purchase, wasn't it? Time to move on.

Once you get through the above vetting process, check back for part 2. We'll give you some great tips on organizing those closets!

Need help with the vetting process? The EZBZ App is always available to assist! We can connect you to wardrobe stylists and professional organizers to help you get through this first step!

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