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By : Karen Lasser, 09-17-2015
Often when people think of garment creation or alteration, tailors come to mind. Likewise, when considering home textiles, they think of an interior designer. However, another alternative exists for both of these, namely that of the seamstress.

A seamstress performs with skills earned through hard work with consistency and dedication. A seamstress knows the latest fashion for dresses, especially for women and is well versed in home textiles. In the earlier time they were known as only a tailor, but as this job increased in range, the term seamstress was adopted. A seamstress is an artist who is proficient at creating items with a technical foundation, carefully measured and assembled. To make or create different kinds of accessories to wear with dresses, they can do it easily by using of frills, ribbon or ruffles. No single Traditional, casual or exceptionally designed dresses can make a seamstress alone. Their skills are varied and frequently broad.

Let's explore more:

Solo artistan

Seamstresses work alone, from measurement to delivery. Everything they do for a project us done by themselves. They take orders and entertain customers at their own preference. Most frequently seamstresses operate on an appointment only basis so they can focus on their sewing and fabric work uninterupted.


They have all the exposure to design and modify dresses like suits, bridal wear, career-wearing and sports-wearing along with lingerie. They are capable of working without patterns as well as creating new ones. They are always ready to restyle ready-made garments to achieve the desired fit or appearance.


Seamstresses often make decent designers for their customers; they are knowledgeable enough to choose the best combination of fabric, color, texture, proportions and body type.

Pattern maker

As a pattern maker they are comfortable working with tools and measurements to properly construct lasting designs. They often know how to work manually with tools and papers or with the aid of contemporary software programs.


Sometimes seamstresses can perform as stylist or wardrobe consultant. They can make jackets and suits for men as well.

Seamstresses cannot only sew, but they design in manners as well. They can help you decorate your house with new curtains, pillows, sofa covers or tablecloths and many more items you can create according to your interior decorating fantasies. Hire a seamstress to satisfy your imagination, wardrobe and decorating desires with her multidimensional skills. You can even design outfits for your pets!

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