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By : Brendan Mitchell, 09-07-2017

Recent studies suggest that around 30% of heat loss in your home occurs through your windows. This is a problem in older households especially, as they are more likely to have drafty or energy inefficient windows. While many homeowners opt to replace such windows, this is not always the most practical solution.

One reason for this is that replacing windows can be expensive. HomeAdvisor reports that the average homeowner spends between $2,590 and $7,441 when installing new windows in their home.

We spoke with Jonathan Hunt from Altair Energy Services, an energy consultancy firm serving Westchester County and the Hudson Valley, about effective and affordable alternatives to replacing your windows.

“As buildings age, windows become draftier due to weather and other causes. The sealing mechanisms also deteriorate with age, causing drafts,” Jonathan says.

He recommends window inserts as the most efficient and affordable solution to the problem.

A woman installing an Indow window insert.
A woman installing an Indow window insert, an affordable alternative to window replacement.
“Window inserts are storm windows that are installed from the inside of windows to seal out drafts and provide extra insulation.”

This allows them to save both energy and money for the property owner. However, Jonathan points out, that isn’t the only benefit of investing in window inserts. Just as the windows in older homes are likely to be more drafty than new windows, they are also likely to be nicer.

“Historic windows are of much higher quality than modern replacement windows as they were built by craftsman from old-growth timber instead of being stamped out in a factory,” Jonathan says, explaining the key reason some property owners use inserts.

“In most cases, inserts are used to preserve architectural integrity and the aesthetics of the home or business.”

Despite their drafty drawbacks, old windows are often more beautiful.
Despite their drafty drawbacks, old windows are often more beautiful. 
While maintaining old buildings can be an expensive exercise, window inserts are one of the few methods of structural maintenance that is more affordable than the alternative. Jonathan points out that in addition to keeping the aesthetic of your property consistent, the “historical preservation” of a building can be an important aspect of maintaining the character of your neighborhood or town.

When it comes to the various brands and models of window inserts available, Jonathan recommends Indow. Unlike other brands, Jonathan says they require no “alteration of existing frames, construction, track or magnets to install”, which makes them perfect for the preservation of older windows. Jonathan also cites testing at Portland State University that showed Indow inserts typically save 19% in energy costs over single-pane windows.

“Old windows should always be periodically maintained. Indow window inserts are the premier product in the market-space because they provide the best elimination of drafts and are very hard to tell they are in place.”

Jonathan Hunt is a licensed Indow dealer based in Westchester County, New York. To learn more about the benefits of Indow window inserts, contact Jonathan directly on (845) 439-4074 or visit his website to read the latest Indow window insert reviews and testimonials.
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