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By : Brendan Mitchell, 12-01-2016

Westchester County in upstate New York is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing scenery, its quaint villages and towns, and the strong community of families and local businesses that call it home. Many of the businesses that reside there are family-owned companies that have operated out of Westchester for decades.

One such business is Metro Painting, founded by White Plains local Josh Glass over 25 years ago.  Josh still owns and manages the company today, assisted by his wife, Kerry, and their three children.

Josh started painting homes when he was in high school, and at first it was nothing more than a fun summer job. He kept it up while in college, and the demand for his skills helped Josh pay off his tuition.

“After graduating I decided it was something I was passionate about,” Josh said when reflecting on why he started Metro Painting. The rest, as they say, is history.

Josh Glass and Family
Owner of Metro Painting, Josh Glass, and his family. 

Today, Josh is still passionate about painting and his business is flourishing. Metro Painting regularly complete both residential and commercial projects and they are a featured partner of the local community group, Westchester NY Moms. However, Josh admits they still hit the occasional bump in the road.

“Every day is a new challenge and a new client… I get to bring their vision to life.”

Josh says that the biggest challenge Metro Painting faces is meeting client demand without a sacrifice in craftmanship.

“The quality comes from the attention, and putting in the extra effort,” Josh said, on how they approach each project.

The work they put in to every job means that almost every Metro Painting customer is blown away by the results. However, this can make it harder for them to fit in more customers - they often have a tight schedule. It’s this dedication to every client, along with their passion for the work, that separates Metro Paiting from their competitors.

Josh also has some critical advice for homeowners that want professional painting help: “Sharing inspirational material with the contractor is vital to delivering the results.”

Inspirational material could be anything from a pinterest board, to images cut out from a magazine… anything that will help the contractor understand exactly what you want. Josh loves working with clients that can provide materials like this, and he says they are often more satisfied than customers who don’t.

“The results for them become so much more exciting and real as they got exactly what they want.”

Metro Painting are currently offering $250 off any job over $1500. If you’re interested in discussing a project with Metro Painting, you can contact them on (888) 276-1505 or by emailing them at Visit their EZBZ profile  for more information.

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