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By : Deborah Belancourt, 12-01-2015

You don’t have to be a top chef to have a well-designed kitchen. With today’s growing foodie demographic and more consumers worried about increasing allergy and food safety concerns the kitchen is once again becoming a well-used room in the home. Whether you’re a new cook or seasoned chef you have a few things to consider when designing your dream kitchen to avoid throwing your whisk in defeat and running to your stack of menus for satiety.

First, take a few minutes and think of how you use your kitchen. Do you rush home in the evening itching to wear your apron and increase your knife and sauté skills or are you running out of storage for all the reusable take out containers. A kitchen remodel can get pretty pricey if you are only basing it on a vision rather than its actual use. To a chef size does matter, if you will be bumping elbows with one or several sous chef you may want to reconsider that island.

Now that you’ve determined your kitchen needs, pick a budget and stick to it. The bigger the remodel the bigger the bite to your savings. Aesthetics matter just as much as the appliances so consider the cost of paint, flooring, a back splash and lighting as well. You may need to upgrade your electrical, plumbing, insulation and windows especially when renovating an older home or adding fun kitchen gadgets. Always make sure you keep emergency funds for anything that may pop up.

Depending on your budget you have a pretty wide range of appliances to choose from. You have your essential refrigerator and oven, your useful microwave and dishwasher and a long list of kitchen gadgets, always a great addition to any kitchen, such as slow cookers and electric pressure cookers. There are many stylish appliances that won’t break the bank, just refer to your budget to determine how much you can spend.

Make sure your kitchen has enough storage by adding cabinets, shelves or better yet a pantry. Cluttered counters are enough to irritate the most patient of home cooks. For better accessibility you can add drawers and Lazy Susans.

Windows and skylights placed appropriately are a cost effective way to bring more light into your kitchen. Nothing brings out your dishes like natural light. In case of nightfall remember to invest appropriate lighting. Because of the cabinets and appliances a kitchen may be enveloped with shadows, this is why it’s great to invest in different forms of lighting such as under cabinet lighting, island lighting and cook-top lighting.

Now that you’ve got all your ducks in a row it’s time to hire a professional to take care of the remodel. You might find the perfect contractor after your first interview but it’s generally recommended that you interview 3-4. Show them the kitchen, your list of needs and budget. Get all costs itemized and in writing, agree on a down payment. Visit an existing work site and get the names of suppliers and a few references. You can also ask family and friends who’ve had a recent kitchen remodel about their experience with their General Contractor. Take a look at the finished product and get as much detail on the before and after.

Should you need assistance finding the right contractor, simply EZBZ it by going to and posting a request.

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