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By : Kayla Goldstein, 02-21-2017

Kayla  Kayla Goldstein is a home remodeling and design professional. Her firm, Kayla LLC, specializes in small scale architecture projects and large scale interior design projects.

Samantha Fox, an English singer and model from the 1980s, once said, “It’s different cultures that make the world go ‘round.”

Although she is not a typical role model for me, this quote stood out as something I identify strongly with. As an architect and interior designer, I am always looking to find new design ideas or unique projects. The most interesting designs are usually found in the farthest places you would look. For example, in Australia. 

I was born in Australia, and have always felt a connection to this country. In my opinion, Australia is a truly beautiful place, and boasts many architectural marvels and beautiful designs.

While looking at design and architecture in Australia, I noticed that besides being modern and very up to date with the trends of the day, it is also a very traditional country rich with history. Many people that live there are enriched with a culture some would find fascinating. Take the Aborigines for example; no matter how modern their buildings are, they still always manage to keep something from their culture in every aspect of design. There is even a design firm dedicated to keeping this culture alive in Australia. Iredale Pederson Hook have worked for years to create buildings that blend Indigenous culture with the modern world of design.

Indigenous School in Australia

While the Aboriginal Australian community has suffered some horrendous setbacks as a result of European settlement, their culture still plays a vital role in modern day Australia. The building shown above is a school for Aboriginal children. It is heartwarming to see how much thought went into making sure these children feel comfortable and at ease.

Indigenous School in Australia

In addition to making sure culture and tradition is preserved, many Australian designers also know how to make a room up-to-date and gorgeous. While reading about design awards and famous Australian architects, I stumbled across a picture of the room featured below. Now, I fully intended to write about an architect that I liked, or a famous building in Sydney. However, I could not get this room out of my mind, I decided if it was that great it was worth writing about and I dived in.

The room below was designed by Mim Design, An Australian company that strives to provide inspiring and new designs that surprise the senses. In my opinion they have completely succeeded.

Room by Mim Design

 I think the first thing that captured me in this space was the painting. The room is so minimalistic and white, and then this painting just arrives and splashes color into the room so perfectly that it’s as if it was there to begin with. One of the base lessons taught in interior design is that a color themed room should have a 60-30-10 split. There should be the base, the compliment, and the surprise. What I love about this room is that the surprise takes over the color scheme perfectly keeping it at 10% yet grabbing focus as if it was 90% of the room.

I also really like the chair found on the opposite side of the room. In a way, it keeps the eye balanced so we are not just focused on one side. The chair draws attention with its furry plush seat while keeping in the theme of the room with its minimalistic base. It manages to be different and the same all at once with the different textures and the throw pillow matching the painting. Surprising indeed, yet still so calming and harmoniously beautiful.

I think this room is so perfect and attention grabbing because the designer really put thought into making sure it is comfortable for the mind, as well as the body. While white is relaxing, and minimalistic design can open the brain to creativity, we all still need something to ground us in this world. The frame on the table and door, and the design on the throw pillows does just that. It throws in a little bit of metal and black so that it does not feel like you are sitting on a cloud.

I, for one, was really impressed with Australian designers for keeping culture a part of their design process and still managing to make up to date modern designs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all tried to implement our backgrounds and history into our homes? What better way to make our house a unique place for us to call home? One can accomplish this by placing small trinkets around the house that come from your hometown, or by using a certain style design that is used in the country you were born. There really is no limit to what you can do. 

Looking for a reputable architect in your area that can emulate Australian design? Try asking on EZBZ - the free concierge service. You can post a request through our website or app, or simply call us for a local recommendation on 1-855-461-8619. 

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