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By : HomeSquare, 08-17-2017
HomeSquare is a licensed home improvement company that offers hassle-free handyman work, seasonal maintenance, and remodeling services for homeowners and rental property owners in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT. They have been in business since 2001 and their license number is HIC WC-27300-H14. You can contact them directly on (914) 670-8100 or by visiting

The search for a local handyman isn’t easy, but the work you put in now will save you big-time later.

We’ve all heard tales of incomplete tasks and incorrectly-completed projects that caused significant problems for a homeowner. However, many of those issues can be avoided by knowing what to look for before you start a project.

By asking the following seven questions in the hiring process, you can get a thorough picture of who your potential new handyman is, how they conduct business, and how they treat their customers. Asking these questions reduces the possibility of being stuck at the dead end of a never-ending job or a legal nightmare if things seriously go awry.

Without the answers, you risk falling victim to inferior quality work, out-of-control bills, and unresponsive so-called “professionals,” only to be forced to start the process all over again.

1. "Are you licensed and registered?"

The requirements for licensing and registration differ from state to state. Some locales have statewide requirements, while others rely on local jurisdictions to regulate who can perform home maintenance work. This provides protection for both the handyman and the customer in the event something goes wrong. Without licensing and registration, you could be left holding the bag –and with no way to file a complaint or get your money back. In Westchester County for example, you can quickly check whether a handyman has a valid HIC license on the County website. HomeSquare is licensed, to be sure!

2. “Are you insured?”

Your handyman should always be licensed and insured.
Your handyman should always be licensed and insured. 
A license alone isn’t enough. Insurance is necessary to protect your investment if something goes wrong. Workers’ compensation covers injuries sustained on the job, while liability and other insurance policies provide an extra layer of protection in case something gets damaged while the work is being completed.

3. “Do you take credit cards?”

You might think that’s a weird question to ask, but a cash-only home improvement business can, and should, raise red flags. It’s much harder to prove payment, dispute a charge or challenge work without a secondary paper trail through a credit card statement, even with receipts or a contract in hand. Cash-only businesses are likely not reporting taxable income. And if the business is skirting that law, you might think twice before inviting their workers into your home.

"The best testimonial is glowing feedback from a satisfied customer."

4. “Are you listed on any third-party review sites?”

Holding membership with a home improvement authority such as EZBZ or Home Advisor adds to your handyman’s authority and professionalism. These third-party review sites have their own rigorous process to screen references and comments, so you know that you’re receiving an honest account when reading these reviews.

5. “Can I call your references?”

The best testimonial is glowing feedback from a satisfied customer. This is your time to ask about the qualities you’re seeking in a new handyman, including cleanliness, timeliness and accuracy.

6. “What’s your background?”

Don’t assume every jack-of-all-trades has the exact experience needed for a very specific job. It never hurts to ask, especially if it will save you time researching and negotiating down the line. If you know your project involves wood rot repair, for example, ask if your potential new handyman has had experience with this before.

7. “Can you provide an estimate in writing?”

Don't rely on a word of mouth contract with your handyman.
Don't rely on a word of mouth contract with your handyman.
Any honest and trustworthy handyman would be willing to put their numbers to paper. Committing to pricing in writing is a mark of reliability and integrity, especially in an industry where people may feel like they’re vulnerable to scammers or rip-off artists. If necessary, this will also give you proof of the given price.

By asking these questions, homeowners can cut through the clutter and confusion and identify the core competencies of the home maintenance companies they are vetting. Finding a company like HomeSquare – licensed and insured, has glowing reviews online, and will commit to estimates on paper – will save you time, money, and most importantly, a headache in the long run!

EZBZ is a great way to find and compare local contractors in your area. Download the app today and try it out yourself. It's free, quick, and easy. 

Download the EZBZ app for free

Download the EZBZ app for free
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