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By : Karen Lasser, 11-09-2015

Water damage repair should be started as soon as possible as it might not be possible to repair or fix certain objects if too much time is taken. Water damage can cause growth of mold in the house if the house is not dried properly within 48 hours. Water can damage furniture, documents, carpets, walls, woodwork, basement and more. Being aware of the cause of damage can help you deal with water damage repair better.

Water damage can be caused due to floods, water leakage through pipes or a burst pipe. A house can suffer water damage because of improper maintenance, faulty construction or humidity and moisture level of your house. Water damage commonly found in houses usually include:

Collection of moisture on the inside of the exterior wall, this moisture could weaken the wall and cause mold at a later date. This usually happens in cold weather and lack of enough insulation. For its water damage repair, you would need to insulate the inside of the exterior wall by putting up a vapor barrier to prevent collection of moisture.

Plaster erosion or sheet-rock erosion could be caused by rain, leak, plumbing or lack of vapor barrier. In this case the leakage area must be fixed and an insulation-material should be installed to the inner surface of the outside wall as water damage repair. 

Wet foundation walls caused due to high humidity level in the basement or when the foundation is not damp-proof or waterproof. A dehumidifier must be installed and the foundation should be made damp-proof.

Wallpaper peeling in rooms are usually caused by high humidity. Wallpaper can be prevented from eroding if proper ventilation is provided. Wallpaper peeling is usually found in the bathroom or kitchen because of high humidity. Wallpaper can be simply glued back but in case of formation of mold, fungus or bacteria, you must wash the wallpapers with detergent ammonia and rinse.

Faulty plumbing or a leaky roof can cause windows and doors to rot. Moisture can affect your wood very badly therefore for its water damage repair you need to take immediate action. After fixing the leaky area, the wood must be treated with disinfectants like creosote or cuprinol. The wooden area that has already begun to rot must be repaired with wood fillers.

Mold or fungus on the interior surface of the walls can be found after a flooding. The high moisture content in the air after flooding could lead to high moisture content in air, which again leads to the growth of mold. Water damage repair in such a case would involve reducing relative humidity by installing a dehumidifier, disinfecting the walls and ceilings with proper chemicals before applying paint to the wall.

You can carry out minor water damage repair in the house on your own but in case of major water damage, it is best to seek professional help. You can always submit a free request to EZBZ for water damage repair companies in case you need them.


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