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By : Elizabeth Humbal, 10-08-2015

Energy conservation is often on the minds of home owners and renters for financial and environmental reasons. As we strive to reduce our personal carbon footprints, we also seek to save money wherever possible! Effectiant energy use can enhance natural qualities of a home while maximizing savings. Here are some tips for conserving energy:

Simple Ways of Conserving Energy at Home

  • Set the thermostat to its lowest temperature for comfort when there are people in the house.
  • When there is no one in the house, set the thermostat to a very, very low temperature.
  • When the fireplace is not in use, close the damper.
  • Close the doors and reduce the heat in rooms that are not being occupied.
  • During the heating season, replace the furnace filters (doing so once a month would be good).
  • To reduce the leakage of air underneath exterior doors, use a door sweep (you can get a cheap one).
  • Turn off any devices and appliances that are not in use; e.g. shut down computers, turn off the lights in rooms that aren’t occupied.
  • If it is possible, crack a few windows at night so as to bring in cooler air at night.

Physical Modifications to Conserve Energy at Home

One very easy way to conserve energy at home is to eliminate all phantom loads. The term “phantom loads” refers to those electrical appliances that are plugged in to the power but are actually not doing anything. These appliances are turned off but are still consuming energy.

  • When you go buy new appliances for whatever purpose, look for the most energy efficient ones you know are going to be energy efficient. You can ask for assistance when you go shopping or alternatively, you could look appliances with the Energy Star. These are usually energy efficient and will help you conserve energy at home.
  • Light bulbs are another option if you want to conserve energy. It is one of the most cost efficient methods of conserving energy that you can think of. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are cheap and easy to replace. This will save a lot of energy as compared to traditional light bulbs.
  • If you want to conserve energy in your home, get a programmable thermostat. These will adjust the temperature of your home according to the schedule you set. This way, your thermostat will do its work only when you need it and not when, for instance, there’s nobody at home.
  • Install weather stripping on your doors and windows if it isn’t there already.
  • Have insulating gaskets installed behind the electrical gaskets. You can also do this for the switch plates on the exterior walls.
  • Where there are unheated areas, insulate the floors.
  • Ensure that the stand alone freezer is always maintained at 0 degrees.
  • Make a note to replace all the ageing major appliances in your house such as the refrigerator, TVs.
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