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By : Karen Lasser, 06-02-2015

When engaging in spring-cleaning activities in your home, it is imperative that to practice proactive pest control by looking around for signs of infestation. Although pests are good at hiding, there are certain telltale signs indicating an infestation. Below are some of the obvious signs to look for prior to calling an exterminator.

Shredded, scratched or torn food packaging is often an indication of pest infestation. Such signs usually indicate that pests are getting into the cabinets and eating your stored goods. If you spot any evidence that food items in your pantry have been tampered with, discard the affect items, make a smart decision about anything remaining and call a pest control expert promptly. It is recommended to transfer and store any sugar and flour based items into airtight plastic or glass containers, as this will prevent future infestation. Also, always remember to empty your garbage receptacles on a regular basis and clean the pail with an astringent to eliminate lasting odors and bacteria. Failure to do creates an opportunity to attract even more pests into your home.

Cockroaches, rodents and other numerous pests can be clever when identifying good hiding locations in the home; however, their droppings can be spotted in open locations around the home. When doing regular cleaning, check under appliances, inside cupboards, under furniture and behind boxes and other dark areas. Some obvious things to search for include urine stains and rodent pellets. If you spot any of these, call a pest control expert immediately. Pest are also known to produce odd sounds and smells. Experts say bed bugs produce a sweet but musty odor. Mice emit a musty and urine smell while rats produce a mild ammonia smell. Rodents produce pattering sounds when moving around the house. You can even listen carefully for sounds like squeaking, gnawing, scurrying or scratching within the walls, attic and crawl spaces.

Mice and rats travel using the same routes everyday and they usually leave obvious tracks and food evidence on their paths. Rats run next to walls and leave grease marks. Urine trails, fecal droppings and footprints on dust paths are all signs of possible infestation. Both mice and rats can also leave obvious signs of nesting behind appliances or inside cabinets. Rodents use shredded papers to build nests in hidden places; therefore you can look for these in the kitchen cabinets. 

Insects that destroy wood like carpenter ants can be hard to detect, unless the insects themselves have been viewed. However, observations of a powdery residue or sawdust piles near windowsills are strong indicators of wood-destroying pests being present in the home. Pest control professionals should be called immediately since these invaders are capable of causing major structural damage to your house. Other signs of pests that destroy wood are sagging floors, loose trim, and wavy or blistered wood or mud tubes.

All the above signs clearly indicate that your home is experiencing pest infestation. Consequently, you will find it necessary to call in your preferred pest control firm to carry out inspections and eliminate the pests. It is not advisable to purchase over-the-counter pesticides since this make the situation worse.

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