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By : Michael Whitehouse, 11-22-2016
We are in the midst of the holidays. Maybe family is coming in. Perhaps friends. Whatever your plans, you have probably gotten your arrangements pretty well arranged by now.

But what about the unexpected? With family on their way and the turkey in the oven, you don't have time to deal with a clogged sink or busted water heater.

Here's the thing. Once you have a professional on the way to fix what broke, you can get back to your preparations. The repair person shows up, and you show them to the way to where they need to go. You can leave them to their work while you to yours. The hard part is getting in touch with that repair man or woman, especially for an emergency job.

That's where EZBZ comes in. Especially around the holidays, you are way too busy to be searching on Google and filling out web forms and making calls. Let us make it easy for you. Just put what you need in the concierge box, and let us do the rest for you.

What about those real emergencies where you absolutely must get in touch with a business? EZBZ offers a Personal Assistant service. For only $5, EZBZ guarantees 5 responses in 2 hours or your money back. When we put "Your Problem, Solved" on our web site, it's not just a tag line. It's a promise.

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