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By : Elizabeth Humbal, 09-05-2015
With the cost of household expenses surging upward day by day, it makes sense to consider ways to cut costs and save. When you will buying or remodeling your home, one of the most vital systems to consider is heating and what kind of fuel will be the best fit over a longer period. Many homeowners find the best choice for home heating is propane instead of the traditional home oil. 

For any homeowner the first question that comes to mind is the cost of the fuel they are consuming. To be very frank, the costs vary a lot owing to the variation in its price in the international and local markets. So, to begin with, it is very important to explore pricing and think about the various pros and cons of propane and oil as a part of home heating, to decipher which is better for your individual circumstances.  

Since we are concerned about propane vs.oil in this article, let us see why propane fares better than oil when it comes to choice of fuel:

•Propane cylinders don’t need any chimney since it doesn’t emit smoke. 

•An outdoor reset control’ adjusts the firing temperature of modern propane gases. It also regulates the required output matching the load on the gas.

•Propane emits less CO2 in the air in compared to oil fuel, it is less than 24% than traditional fuels.

•Propane pulls the combustion from the outdoors and burns at 15% more efficiency than traditional fuel which makes cooking and heating fast, thus reducing the cost of the consumer. 

Above are the salient characteristics of propane gas which makes it more saleable to the consumer. What are the positive signs of propane for which it is the first choice for people in the West when it comes to home heating?

•You can easily afford propane gas which costs 30% less than oil boiler.

•With propane gas, you can heat and power up your appliances, thus making your electric consumption less and your savings higher.

•It heats up oil fast and the heating system is warmer than other electric or oil pumps.

•With propane gas, it is easier to maintain, as it doesn’t need to be cleaned often. The average longevity of a propane gas is 20 years.

•Moreover, propane gas is environment friendly when compared to other heating systems. It dissolves easily in water, thus providing no harm to soil or water per se. 

To be clear, propane does come with some disadvantages like:

•Propane gas stations have not yet been set up, so refilling poses a problem.

•It is highly inflammable if exposed to any spark or flames.

•It becomes dysfunctional in freezing temperature because propane being a gas, shrink in the winter months.

Considering the above said points, it is best left to you which one will you choose- propane or oil as a home heating equipment. But if you really need the cost cut, which everyone does in general circumstance, it is best to rely on propane. It will also accelerate the heating and cooking process which will also help you save your time. It is both environment-friendly and pocket-friendly at the same time.

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