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By : Christa Mruz, 05-30-2017

Christa Mruz
is the owner and operator of Two Maids & A Mop of White Plains, a residential cleaning company serving all of Westchester County, New York.  Prior to owning her own cleaning company, Christa had an extensive career in the corporate world.  She is a PTA Mom and lives in Scarsdale, NY with her two young children and hardworking husband.

You gotta love spring. The weather is warm, flowers are blooming, and it’s time to put away the large winter coats and re-emerge outside. Many of us also see spring as an appropriate time to clean out the cob-webs in our home.

As the owner of a residential cleaning service in Westchester County, New York, I clean houses all year-round, and have learned plenty of lessons about how to do my job effectively and quickly. Here are my five top tips to help you with your own spring cleaning:

1. Declutter and organize your house first

Putting seasonal clothing in storage will help you save space
Putting seasonal clothing in storage will help you save space
Over time, we collect things that we no longer need or find useful.  We might have winter coats and sweaters that we don’t need during the warmer months, and need a place to store them.  Take the time to go through your house and locate the items you no longer need, and the seasonal items that require storage. This not only makes you feel like you have more space in your home, but will help you get the most out of dusting, mopping, and vacuuming because you will have a large surface area to clean.

2. Dedicate a block of time to cleaning

Time-management will help you ensure your clean is completed in one session
Time-management will help ensure your clean is completed in one session
Cleaning can be a chore, but it can also be a satisfying experience once you see the fruits of your labor.  Sometimes, if you only clean sporadically, the whole house never gets done; it becomes a protracted project with no end in sight. I recommend blocking off a specific time over a weekend or a few days to clean the entire house. You are more likely to finish and will feel much more satisfied.

3. Call in reinforcements to help

Cleaning together with your family can be a great bonding experience
Cleaning together with your family can be a great bonding experience
There is nothing more daunting than cleaning an entire house by yourself. Whether you get your family to pitch in, or hire a professional to get the job done – a little help goes along way! It will make your cleaning time more manageable and could even turn into a fun experience to share with your family. My company – Two Maids & a Mop – always sends teams of two cleaners to ensure a prompt and consistent clean.

4. Assess each room and make a plan

Assess how much cleaning each room in your home will require prior to starting
Assess how much cleaning each room in your home will require prior to starting

Don’t just jump into cleaning a room!  Go around your home first and take note of what needs to be cleaned in each room. Be sure to look at the ceilings, light fixtures, furniture, cupboards, and floor. Determining out how much you have to do (and what cleaning supplies you will need) before you start will help you save time and complete the clean in one session. After you’ve confirmed what needs to be done, gather your cleaning equipment and start with the hardest room first.

5. Use the Right Tools

A dust mop is great for cleaning hardwood floors
A dust mop is great for cleaning hardwood floors
There are plenty of cleaning tools available that will last a long time, help you clean effectively, and won’t break the bank.  We like to use high dusters to clean ceiling fans and light fixtures and to remove cob webs from corners where walls meet.  If you have hardwood floors, invest in a good dust mop. It will make your floors shine without scratching them.  A powerful vacuum will help you clean wall-to-wall carpet.  Lastly, microfiber cloths are great for dusting.  They pick up the dust easily while things like rags or paper towel merely move it around.  Add a little furniture polish to your microfiber rag and your furniture will look brand new.

I hope these tips help you with the spring cleaning of your home, and any future house cleaning efforts. Now, get it over and done with so you can start enjoying this fine spring weather! 

Looking for a professional to help you with your spring cleaning? Download the EZBZ App for free and we'll connect you with reputable cleaning services in your area, who will chat with you directly through the app. You can also call our concierge team for a local recommendation on 1-855-461-8619. 

Download the EZBZ App for free!

Download the EZBZ App for free!

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