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By : Karen Lasser, 05-21-2015
Creating an outdoor living space that perfectly blends the family pool into the landscape of the backyard can be done with appealing outdoor design elements. Pool owners can select from a variety of decorative and landscaping elements to set the desired impression, while maintaining the functionality and form of the pool and yard together. Below are some landscaping suggestions developed from conversations with landscapers in the EZBZ network.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your swimming pool blends with your backyard is through addition of natural elements such as stones of varying sizes and plants. Adding some shrubs and trees that are a safe distance from the swimming pool can add lushness and shade, while emphasizing the pool. Many landscapers also recommend planting annual and perennial flower beds all around the swimming pool as it provides color and fragrance, while better merging the pool with your backyard. Rocks and boulders can be used to circle flower beds. These elements additionally provide reference points for nighttime walks near the pool.

A sidewalk or walkway is a fantastic addition that is also recommended by many landscapers. The sidewalk or the walkway can be built from your back door right to the pool. Construction of this element can incorporate cobblestone, wooden boards, flagstone steps or other appealing materials. The walkway makes it easy for guide guests to the pool and also prevent grass and dirt from being tracked into the pool area.

For socializing around the pool area and creating a comfortable spot for taking breaks between swims, consider installing some seating places near the pool. Some fantastic additions include reclining seats, couches and lawn chairs. Each will enhance the beauty of your swimming pool for the guests and personal enjoyment. Remind your chosen landscapers to ensure they are properly positioned for safety and maitenance concerns, also to ensure they're properly secured should you live in a particularly windy area.

Lighting is another excellent addition to any pool area. With lighting installed, a pool can be used at any time of the day or night. Landscapers understand how to light up the pool water in ways to enhance the use as well as beauty. The professionals have the capacity and experience to install underwater lights of different colors and even different patterns. Such lighting will obviously make your pool appealing for all occasions.

Basic fences are a safety requirement in most areas, however many homeowners like to take fences a step further so they may enjoy their swimming pools out of view of neighbors. There are many alternatives available and your appointed landscaping professional can help you pick the best. Some owners have found installing a simple chain linked fence, dressed on either side with boxwood or thick shrubs makes an appealing solution.

Coming up with the perfect landscape design for your pool are should not be an exhaustive or difficult chore. By working with a skilled team, adding the appropriate plants, lighting and other numerous additions, you can easily create a highly desirable the swimming area, which adds value in the immediate term as well as for resale.

If you're ready to consult with an expert, or move forward with a landscaping design, consider submitting a request to EZBZs network of highly skilled landscapers are ready to share brilliant ideas while taking into consideration your specific needs.
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