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By : Karen Lasser, 05-21-2015
For readers fortunate to enjoy a swimming pool at their home, this time of year bring joy at the same time as added maintenance. One critical item to keep an eye on is the swimming pool liner, which is known to wear and require repair to keep the pool in pristine and safe swimming condition.

Swimming pool liners can fail for a number of reasons. Should this happen, it is important to hire a qualified provider to do a replacement of the pool liner immediately. This is done to ensure the pool is safeguarded against elements such as bad weather, the sun, algae, water chemicals and daily usage. Below are some of the aspects that could lead to damage of a pool liner and the need to take special care.

According to professionals in the EZBZ network, when vinyl liners age over time, they tend to lose their elasticity. This change is is mostly attributable to the weather conditions and the sun. Pool chemicals used to prevent growth of bacteria and algae also contribute to the deterioration. As liners wears over time, this deterioration weakens the strength of the line wall and ability for it to withstand the weight of the water. The end result is typically rips, large tears and peeling which appear at or above the water line.

EZBZ Experts skilled in pool maintenance advise that application of the wrong swimming pool chemicals or using amounts that exceed recommended limits greatly reduces the durability of a pool liner. As a result, the liner will become weak and thinner. Symptoms of excessive use of chemicals are faded color and brittle vinyl. When purchasing chlorine, make sure it is vinyl safe. Di-chlor chlorine is the one recommended for pools fitted with a liner for the simple reason that the chemical dissolves and does not adhere to the vinyl.

Improper installation is yet another contributing factor that can lead to the deterioration of the pool liner. Poor installation procedures applied by inexperienced or rushed pool service providers can easily void the warranty upon inspection. Most home owners tend to forget that the pool liner is not counted as structural parts of a pool. It is viewed as more of a cosmetic element that works as protective cover; its function by definition does not allow it to hold water pressure. Professionals skilled in pool maintenance usually advise their clients that a fitted liner should smoothly touch pool walls and the ground. Therefore, ensure the liner of your pool is stretched out and select the one with the right size that fits your pool. Poor or incorrect installation of a liner may only cause it to pop out or rip.

Punctures created by sharp objects also spoil a pool liner. Since liners are manufactured of soft and thin vinyl, it's important to remember not to expose it to pointed or sharp objects. Although accidents do occur without notice, its advisable to do everything possible to ensure sure your pool is properly cared for. Bear in mind that children playing and pets can also puncture a pool liner, as can the use of incorrect equipment. For instance, vinyl pools are not supposed to be cleaned using brushes with too hard bristles, that over time damage the vinyl liner. Always ensure you are using the appropriate pool equipment specifically designed for your swimming pool.  

If in the need of expert pool maintenance or repair, consider submitting a free request to, our network of pool providers will be happy to assist with any issue!

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I live in an apartment at a posh location in Cape Town, and the builder has created a common swimming pool for all flat owners. It provides us a chance of meeting with neighbours and, we love swimming and taking to each other during leisure. Each one of us take full responsibility of pool maintenance, so we often call Mr.K. Khabane to inspect the pool, and provide pool relining services, if required.
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