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By : Ed Ravein, 12-14-2015

The mega machine that is Apple released its iPhone 6S, to an audience of mixed reviews. While it has been selling like hot cakes, some users ran into issues with the glass, having to coordinate repairs almost instantly after purchase. If your iPhone needs repair or replacement it’s worth glancing at the pros and cons of any device you want to purchase. If you are skeptical and confused and unsure of which operating platform is better for you, Android or iPhone, take time to weigh the risks and benefits before making your final decision. In this writer’s opinion, there are bunch of reasons why Android devices are much better than iPhones. I’ll break them down here as a bit of food for thought.

Limited Storage: when you buy an iPhone you are stuck with the storage space you selected at the time of purchase. Whereas with Android phones, a microSD card slot enables you to add more storage space as needed.

Battery replacement: The battery of Android phones can easily be removed or replaced if it starts losing charge too rapidly. But this is not the case with iPhone, they require a service appointment or total phone replacement which can be quite costly. 

Infrared blasters: Android phones like HTC, Galaxy S5 extra have infrared blasters enabling them to be used as remote controls. This feature is non-existent in iPhones.

Easy access to files: Android devices make it easy to drag and drop files from the device to your computer. Whereas iPhone does not provide this easy access to all files. 

Music and Photos: iPhone requires iTunes if you want to listen to music and iPhoto to view photos. Android does not set fixed requirements for where your music and images must come from.

Phone Charging: The iPhone requires a special cable for recharging and Appple has already changed this cable once, making older cables obsolete. Who is to say they wont make this change again? Android devices on the other hand can be recharged with any micro-USB cable.

Download Apps: Android devices enable you to download apps from Google Play, Amazon and other platforms. Whereas with iPhones you are only able to download from their App Store. 

Security: Most Android devices have several unlocking systems like patterns or face locks whereas iPhone can be unlocked with password or fingerprints.

Emojis: In my humble opinion, Android emojis are far cuter than Apple emojis

Apps are better looking: Apple has the advantage of design when it comes to their apps. The most commonly used apps are available on both platforms but in my opinion, iPhone apps are better looking than Android. 

Quick updates: iPhone provides quick and faster updates whereas Android devices take months to update their devices.

Apple works with all Apple Devices: information can be smoothly transferred from one Apple device to another. iPhone, iPad, MAC etc can be synchronized and task started on one device can be completed on another.

Siri works better: Siri is the best companion, it works much faster than Google.

In a nutshell both Android and iPhone both have their pros and cons. You must do a bit of research and depending on the usage, you can select any one. Both devices are good and latest in the market with their own disadvantages and advantages. Weight each one individually and decide which device is better for you - iPhone or Android.

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