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By : , 06-09-2015

June has always been the busiest month for photographers, although statistics indicate that this may change with time. Traditionally, the month of June has always been the most preferred and most popular for weddings; but in recent years there has been a more significant trend of weddings in July and August. Below we shall explore some of the reasons why June is the peak season for professional photographers.

Historically, the month has consistently been the most preferred for weddings, thus the term “a June bride” was created. The name June derives from something, or rather someone, wedding related also! It comes from Juno, the ancient Roman goddess of love and marriage. According to a professional photographer in the EZBZ personal concierge network, there was a common belief that couples who tied the knot during the month of June got blessings of happiness and prosperity from the heavens. During ancient times, weddings were done in June for logistical reasons. A bride married who married in the month of June was more likely to have her first child during spring and this was commonly assumed to be a sign of good luck. It additionally enabled the bride to recover and prepare for the harvest that came in fall. In the medieval times, the annual bath of an individual fell in either May or June (yes, people only bathed once a year!); consequently a bride would still be fresh in the month of June which was then deemed preferable.

Local photographers also point out contemporary reasons that compel couples to get married in the month of June. Couples are more likely to plan a wedding in June because of the pleasant weather conditions experienced during this period. During this month, mid-summer heat and spring rain are less likely to occur. The in-season flowers as well as the availability of many outdoor venues are also some appealing reasons for holding a wedding in June. As a result, local professional photographers tend to be very busy! Moreover, many guests find it easier to attend June weddings given universities and schools are end session around then, but summer travel plans haven’t yet started. June is also excellent for many honeymoon destinations, that haven’t yet slipped into their highest peak season pricing.

From the above discussion, it is evident why local photographers book up fast and are busiest in the month of June. Luckily for some however, other months are also becoming just as popular!

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