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By : Brendan Mitchell, 10-17-2015
By now most of us have heard of food trucks, but what about game trucks? Food trucks are often praised for their convenience, their affordability, and their quality. Game trucks are the latest trend to offer at least two of those traits.

A game truck – also known as a video game truck or party truck – has a very simple
concept. The truck comes to you, and provides a small space for a party to play video games. The trucks are typically air-conditioned, contain several flat screen TV’s, and a large array of video games to choose from.

GameTruck®, the primary franchise of party trucks in the U.S., also offer a laser tag truck. The laser tag truck provides equipment and instructors, although still requires the host to provide a large space. Game trucks are a little more convenient, as they provide a self-contained space…Something which translates for many parents as somewhere they don’t have to clean up.

Children, obviously, love the concept. Video games are a great stimulus for a child’s imagination, and are universally adored by most kids, however they also often attract criticism for their association with anti-social behavior and unhealthy addiction. A game truck combats this stigma, as it actually encourages socialization, and its presentation – a glamorous truck that’s only temporarily available – instills the belief that video games are a treat, rather than a habit.

Parents are embracing the trend too. Game trucks take away a lot of the responsibility of hosting a party – providing space, music and entertainment, and cleaning up afterwards – and are typically affordable: a two-hour game truck party is typically priced between $300-400. You can read one mom’s promising review of a game truck party here.

If you’re not a fan of video games, a game truck is probably not for you. Plus it is possible to host a small children’s party, and keep it below $300 – although that can take time, effort, and impressive budgeting skills.

While they are increasing in popularity, game trucks are still rare – even if you have heard of them, the assumption is that they are wildly expensive. Whether you’re a fan of video games, or still unsure, it is always nice to know what your options are.

If you decide you’d like to hire a game truck, submit a request to and we can help you find a local truck, today.
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