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By : Kristen Glehan, 05-04-2015

Nearly every kid on earth looks forward to a birthday party thrown in their honor. For some kids, any party will do; just make sure to have cake and the standard three Gs: guests, games and of course, gifts! But for others, evolving interests drive the party requirements and many parents feel like pulling their hair out as the requests increase proportionately to their children's ages. Here are some tips for keeping it stress-free.

Plan far enough in advance, 4-6 months
Many parents remember growing up and planning their own birthday parties the month before they occurred. Invitations were handed out at school or mailed for summer parties and all went smoothly. There was often one parent on mission control who was home enough to manage things; there was only a single way to RSVP and guest nearly always did; and kids lives weren't heavily scheduled. Nowadays families are busier than ever, so reserving 4-6 months of advance planning, preserves sanity.

Pick a date and time wisely
Some parents believe the majority of kids will show up regardless of the date and time selected, but that isn't always the case. Plenty of parents have learned this the hard way. Choose a date and start and end times to enable the best opportunity for guest to share in the occasion. The party doesn't need to be scheduled for the exact birth date, or even the same week. Try and avoid observed religious holidays of potential guests, high travel periods and times when team games are likely to occur.

Choose a theme, make sure it's one you can execute, then stick with it
Kids interests change with wind. That doesn't mean the party theme has to. Pick a theme your child loves and run with it. As long as it isn't too immature or fleeting, chances are they'll still like it enough four months later. Resist the urge to change to the latest big thing. As musician Rick Danko use to say 'go with your first thoughts, they're usually your best thoughts.' Whatever theme you pick, just do the research and make sure you can execute it. Some character themed parties can be significantly harder to pull off than parents realize!

Figure out exactly what you need at the start
This may seem obvious, but many parents don't give it much thought until the last minute. If planning to use a venue, find out exactly what is included with your reservation; There are many places that supply everything except the cake and party favors. If you're doing it at home or the venue doesn't supply anything except for the space, give thought to what you will need in the way of food, decorations, entertainment, favors, etc.

Make a master list with 4 main components :

1. Things to schedule
2. Things to buy
3. Things to make or assemble
4. Guests to invite

Lists are among the best time management tool for busy parents and the four categories above cover everything you need for planning a party. By organizing items in this manner, you can quickly cross things off and move onto the next priority. It also makes sense to add in deadlines or timeline lines to complete, to really keep yourself on schedule.

Simplify wherever you can
Unless you're on an uber-tight budget, it can be a wise to outsource some of your party needs. Planning on serving lunch? Pick up ready made pasta or pizza, or even better, have it delivered! Not an adept baker? Buy a cake. It's likely to cost a similar amount once you add up the cost of ingredients and value of saved time. Planning on making favor bags? Consider skipping them in favor of giving the kids small gift cards to iTunes, or bulk purchased movie tickets. They're cool, save time, cost about the same and kids love them!

Enlist friends and family for help when needed
The expression 'it takes a village to raise a child' isn't far from the truth. If there are friends and family available to help or lean on, take advantage of the offers and then repay in kind at a later date. No parent is going to be knighted or sainted for being a martyr for their child's birthday celebration.

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