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By : Kristen Glehan, 06-22-2015
It isn't hard to see the joy the mere sound of an ice cream truck brings to a neighborhood. With it's signature melodic chime, each ice cream truck ignites the super-hero agility and hearing of children and even many adults. After a quick scream of "Mom, Dad, the ice cream man is coming!" kids catapult out the front door for an icy treat, followed by an even bigger satisfaction filled smile. Who wouldn't want to bring that same joy to their own backyard? It's possible! This year one of the hottest trends has been to hire a dessert or ice cream truck to be present at birthday parties and other celebratory events.
Ice cream trucks have come a long way baby.... yup, they really have! Whatever kind of ice cream, gelato, sorbet or Italian ice you're after, there is a uniquely branded truck driving down some block to satisfy it. Nut allergies? No problem! Allergic to dairy? Yup, that one can be solved too. How great is THAT! As a mom to a child with a food allergies, I can say personally: "That's pretty darn cool!"
If ice cream is a bit too traditional, how about a cupcake truck? I bet many wouldn't expect that there would be a truck dedicated solely to cupcakes; Well, there is! I've seen one first hand. I've even seen a Parisian style dessert truck, with patisseries, espresso and tea being offered.
Ice cream and dessert trucks are a really fun addition to any children's birthday, celebratory occasion, charity or corporate event. They do book up during certain months, so it's best to reserve in advance. If you'd like some help finding one, you can always use the free concierge service to find one!
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