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By : Brendan Mitchell, 06-16-2017

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so it’s likely you already have tentative plans to have a meal with your dad. After all, it’s been widely accepted since the middle ages that the best way to celebrate someone is to hold a feast in their honor. If you’re a little behind in your planning, don’t worry; we’ve put together these useful tips for planning the perfect meal for your dad this Sunday. 

Go outdoors

Eating outside once a week is beneficial to your health.

In the US, Father’s Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June, which is probably not an accident. The 3rd Sunday of June is square between Spring and Summer, which pretty much guarantees it’s going to have perfect weather. I wouldn’t be surprised if this date was selected for this very reason; after all, most dads appreciate the great outdoors, whether they’re the kind to get up early for a bike ride or prefer an afternoon nap in their outdoor hammock.

There’s also a scientific reason why many people enjoy being outdoors: it’s good for you. A recent study completed in Australia shows that spending more than 30 minutes outside a week can help you reduce your risk of high blood pressure and depression. That’s not to mention the benefits of getting an extra dose of vitamin D, which strengthens your bones.

Thus, this Father’s Day we recommend taking advantage of the highly probable beautiful weather, and hosting your celebrations outside.

Fire up the grill

Using your grill is a great option for Father's Day.

While it’s a stereotype that all men love eating meat, it is likely that your dad probably enjoys the occasional steak. And if you’re already spending the day outdoors, your Father’s Day feast is a terrific opportunity to fire up the grill. 

Don’t fret if meat isn’t an option because you, your dad, or another family member doesn’t eat it – eggplant and mushrooms make great substitutes, and there are dozens of great recipes online for vegetarian dishes you can make on a grill. Don’t be surprised if your dad still wants to cook though; it may be his day, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to contribute. Plus, cooking on a grill is half the fun.

Beer and wine will make it fine

A glass of beer or wine will relax your dad on his big day.

Whatever your dad’s beverage of choice, make sure you have plenty in supply. There is a reason alcohol is invited to almost every event for adults, but it’s not what you expect. In fact, British Anthropologist Kate Fox suggests that alcohol’s correlation with violence, promiscuity, and other anti-social behaviors has more to do with American cultural beliefs than its side effects.

The actual neurological effect of alcohol is simply a reduced ability to make associations in your mind. This may not sound great either, but it really just means that alcohol makes it easier for you to relax, because you’re less caught up in your own thoughts. So, this Sunday, be sure to pour your dad a drink, if only to help him put his mind at ease and enjoy the day.

Dealer’s Choice

Let Dad do what he likes on this special day.

You may wish to allot some time before or after you’ve eaten for an activity to do with your dad. If you’re not sure what he’d like to do, ask him in advance or let him choose on the day, but if you can plan the perfect activity without having to ask, it will show much you care.

It might be as simple as watching sports or playing a board game together, or giving him some time to himself to nap or read a book. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s stress-free or relaxing, and does not put pressure on your dad.

Dessert Him

Dessert was made for special occasions like Father's Day.

If you know your dad well, you probably know what his favorite dessert is. Dessert plays a key role on special occasions like this. It signifies the end of the feast, and an appropriate time to tell your dad how much you care about him and hand over your card and gift. If your dad doesn’t have a preferred dessert, check out the plethora of Father’s Day dessert recipes online, and you’ll be sure to find one that matches him perfectly.

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