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By : Elizabeth Humbal, 09-21-2015

Scratches and dents on a car can cost hundreds of dollars to repair. That is why many auto owners just accept them when they find their car banged up in a parking lot. Now, dents can be repaired without repainting, giving auto owners an affordable way to regain the pride they once had in their car.

Available Technology:

Paintless dent removal is a technology used commercially by auto dealerships, rental companies and auctions to improve a car overall appearance without the need for expensive body and paint work quickly. Although consumers have been slow to accept this new concept, evidence shows that consumer use of this removal service is on the rise.

How it Works:

The tools designed especially for this type of dent removal can remove football-sized dents in a car without requiring any expensive sanding, filling or painting. Cars that have been repaired like this normally have no visible evidence that they ever experienced damage.

The availability of inexpensive remedies for dents in automobiles has the potential to create an influx of consumer demand. After all, the main reason drivers do not repair dents in their cars is the expense. Drivers are also unwilling to file a claim on their auto insurance for fear their premium will increase. Some auto insurers are now embracing this as an accepted method of repair.

Modern automobiles have strong metal and flexible paint surfaces that make them less susceptible to a damaged finish when they receive impact. This means that dents can be pushed back out, allowing the metal to pop back into place. As tools have improved, this method has developed in ways that allow larger dents to be repaired. Not too long ago, this technique was limited to smaller dents like those caused by hail.


Paintless dent removal is preferred for several reasons. First the technique can repair dents that range from small to large. Not every dent can be repaired this way, but many dents can be repaired with paintless dent removal, saving vehicle owners hundreds of dollars for every dent. Also, only newer cars have metal and paint that can be adequately repaired using paintless dent removal. For the most part, these are cars from 1990 and later model years.

Many dents cannot be repaired using paintless dent removal. For example, if the paint is cracked or broken, traditional bodywork might be necessary. Also, dents located near the edge of body panels often cannot be treated. Finally, dents on repaired bodywork usually do not respond well to paintless dent removal.


Cost, speed and low risk are among the key benefits of paintless dent removal. Same day service, on-site repair and speedy repair are more reasons why people will choose paintless dent removal when they wouldn't even think about taking their car to a body shop for repair.

Paintless dent removal avoids in-shop risks such as paint overspray and paints mismatching because no painting is required. Also, this type of repair also preserves the resale value of a car because buyers often frown on cars that don't have their original paint.

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