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By : Karen Lasser, 05-21-2015
One of the most important auto maintenance routines that is easy to accomplish is a tire rotation. When done properly by an expert, the life of tires can be extended quite significantly. Furthermore, gas mileage is greatly improved and your vehicle will handle steadily and predictably whenever you make sudden turns or stops. Tire rotation involves moving tires to different locations on your car to allow for even wear.

If you ignore your tires and let them stay in the same position for years, you are bound to notice some tires wearing out quicker than others. To make things worse, some of the treads on individual tires are likely to wear out unevenly either on the inside or the outside. As a result, weight wont be properly distributed on all four tires. The tires situated near the engine area of the car, typically bear the heaviest weight. Specialists in the EZBZ network who perform auto repair note that front tires, typically the ones neares the engine, also handle all steering done by the driver. Additionlly, when brakes are applied, the entire weight of a car tends to shift forward.

EZBZ experts who do auto repair also advise that uneven tire weat can be indication of certain mechanical problems. For instance, tires that are improperly aligned usually drag, resulting in uneven wear. Worn out suspension parts are likely to alter weight distribution especially during cornering, thereby contributing to uneven wear. Improperly inflated tires are also more likely to wear unevenly, they can also contribute to reduced gas mileage.

Although it can be a little difficult to constantly check tire treads, professionals who specialize in auto repair advice that newer tires are generally fitted with some visual reminders of tread status. Once you have purchased a new set of tires, tread bar indicators are usually not visible. However, as they wear out, bars start appearing and become visible. Therefore, if you notice any tire that has bars before the others, the time might be right to do tire rotation.

Moving tires to different wheel locations is essential, as it extends the life of each and ensures all wear on relatively the same schedule. Experts who perform auto repair advise owners of automobiles never to overlook the aspect of tire rotation. Just a couple of minutes spent doing tire maintenance procedures can ensure tires wear out evenly thus improving handling and general performance. If your car tires exhibit any of the telltale signs discussed above, then it is time to do tire rotation. You can contact your preferred auto repair shop for additional information regarding tire rotation and replacement.

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