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By : Samantha Dimm, 11-23-2015

There is never really a situation that can compare to the frustration one experiences when their car suffers significant water damage. Whether the car has been caught in flood waters or experienced flooding due to a faulty equipment or windows left ajar doesn’t really matter. Once the damage is done it’s a matter of severity and whether or not it can be repairs within any reasonable budget.

With the majority of car systems relying upon electronics, a flooded automobile converts an otherwise useful machine into a piece of junk, unless expediently repaired. Perhaps hardest for some people to grasp is the fact that a flooded vehicle isn’t simply a matter of letting the water dry out and then getting a thorough detailing. Often times, it requires a partial or full dismantle of the car’s interior and replacement of many damaged components. 

There are automotive professionals who specialize in water damage repair. Typically it’s a person or team who is capable of mechanical repairs as well as interior related ones. Often times it is an auto body shop who is skilled at pulling door panels, dashboards, etc. apart to repair the damage done by a typical accident. With the proper trained specialist you are assured of getting your car back to an optimum state. They know what to do in cases where a car has been hydro-locked; attend to issues dealing with transmission and engine fluids that have been flooded; and get electronics systems back in great working order. Of course, they will also attend to the numerous cosmetic repairs that arise.

The amount of time it will take to repair a water damaged vehicle depends heavily on the amount of damage the vehicle suffered. Items such as dealing with rust, mold, mildew and the likes in the car interior and exterior take time. At the very least the process of removing the seats, carpeting and manually drying out the parts bit by bit is extremely time consuming and enough to make anyone frustrated. Add to this the need to assess and repair mechanical issues and you and imagine the time such a restoration wll take. Often the action of draining, flushing and refilling of systems in order to test their integrity can take a day or more and that’s not even doing the repair or assessing any secondary damage. Patience when dealing with this type of repair is key!

If you need help with repairing a water damaged vehicle you can submit a request to to find repair specialsts near you.

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