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By : Brendan Mitchell, 01-06-2016

While it has always been customary to travel in a luxury vehicle to important events - a limousine to your prom, a classic car to your wedding – these days, the event often is the vehicle.  There are increasingly more extravagant options that are trending with party-goers across the country. If you’re considering taking a party on the road, here are some of your options:

Party Bus

Party buses have had an interesting evolution in recent years. I still remember the bus my parents hired six years ago for my brother’s 21st birthday party to take him and his friends on his first bar crawl. It wasn’t designed to host a party – it was an old school bus - but that didn’t stop them from celebrating for the entire drive.

These days, you can hire buses better suited for celebration.  Party buses often have a luxury interior with leather couches, champagne holsters, and large flat screen TVs. Not to mention they often have their own bathroom, which is a necessity for any party, even one on wheels.

Hummer Limousine

A Humvee or Hummer is a brand of SUV truck that has been around since the early 1990s. They are renowned for their large cubic frames and modern design. There is also a range of Hummer limousines that are catered for transportation of parties of 10-15 people. These vehicles often have luxury interiors that include disco lighting, leather seating, and a heavy duty sound system. As a larger vehicle with an industrious design, they feel safer than your average stretch limousine, and are quickly becoming the first choice for younger generations looking to arrive at their prom in style.

Luxury Car or Traditional Limousine

For smaller parties, it’s hard to go wrong with the more traditional choice of a luxury car or limousine. You may not be able to watch TV with thirteen of your closest friends in the back of a 1935 Cadillac, but it’s hard not to feel suave as you sip champagne with your significant other in the back seat of a classic car. There is a beautiful, vintage design to these vehicles that the more recent alternatives – like the Hummer –  seem to lack, and that’s why this option is the original, and the best.

If you’re looking for a luxury or extravagant vehicle to take you to your next event, consider submitting a request on EZBZ is the fastest and easiest way to see the party vehicle options in your area, and help your party on wheels take off.

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